2014 Triathlon Kit


SOAS-HealthShoppe, ZenEvo- EASbrand- Endorphin Fitness

I am so excited to be able to represent these awesome brands and everything they stand for.

One of the first brands I am an ambassador to is SOAS. SOAS clothing fit is just made for women. Comfortable, stylish, and figure flattering (as you can get being in all spandex) for all body types- check out their website here http://www.soasracing.com

Eddie’s Health Shoppe- ZenEvo


If you live in or near Knoxville and haven’t had a chance to wonder on in to the Health Shoppe I’d definitely say you are missing out! Eddie and his team are truly knowledgable and caring people who work with you to help you meet your goals; whether it is weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, or just maintenance work they are there to cater to you and your needs. With access to multiple different machines (Alter- G) and training tools (the Bod Pod), the Health Shoppe can get you where you need to be! Not to mention they carry my favorite on-course nutrition- POWERBAR!

EAS Brand Supplements


Those of you that follow my twitter account (@GallegosElyse) or know me , know how much EAS is essential to my everyday workout routine. Not just mine at that.. My Husband too.. As well as his workout buddies. We end every night with a large EAS Brand Recovery Protein shake- Yum! For more information about EAS and how you can incorporate it into your pre and post- workout routine you can contact me or go online and visit EAS at http://www.eas.com

Endorphin Fitness

Endorphin Fitness is a coaching company that is data driven and acknowledges the importance of custom triathlon plans to specifically fit an individuals needs and goals. My Coach and Pro Triathlete, Nick Brodnicki is one of the best. He’s always challenging me to reach my full potential with each workout- whether on land or in the open water. His motto is simple yet effective, “make your easy days easy, and your hard days hard.” You can visit their site online at http://www.endorphinfitness.com

I am excited to see what’s in store for the year ahead of me and thankful for all the support these brands have given to me thus far!