Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee


When I first heard about Bulletproof Coffee from my cousin, Adam, I thought ‘Oh great, now America is REALLY going to get fat,’ but I could not have been more wrong! According to Dave Asprey, founder and creator of Bulletproof Coffee, when you drink this concoction in the morning (which is made up of butter, MCT oil or Coconut Oil) the healthy fats naturally energize you, make you feel satiated and jump-start fat burning for the rest of the day.

What are the healthy fats in Grass-fed Butter? The healthy fats are fat soluble vitamins A,D,E,K,& K2 which your body can properly absorb.  This distinction is super important because grass-fed butter has something that regular butter does not have– lots of vitamins!

According to Dave’s website,, you can also use MCT oil, which is a supplement composed of medium chain fatty acids which help stimulate your metabolism and sustain energy throughout the day. If you do not have MCT oil on hand or is too expensive for you to try out (me!), you can easily obtain the same benefits from virgin coconut oil.

Below is an excerpt from Dave’s website on how to make Bulletproof coffee:


I use 1-2 Tablespoons of Kerrygold butter and 1-2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil

Many of you have heard or even read about it before when it first came out, but have any of you all actually given it a try? As a girl on a budget, I modified Dave’s recipe, using coconut oil, to give it a shot and I loved the outcome!


You can find all these ingredients at Kroger, Publix, Earth Fare, and Fresh Market! An immersion blender or standard blender will do, just blend for 20-30 seconds.

The frothy topping is just one staple of this wonderful drink which also makes it that much more delicious! As we get closer to colder weather and next week’s “Arctic Blast” I urge you guys to skip the Starbucks drive through in favor of experiencing a new form of coffee— Bulletproof!


 Bon Appétit!

Breakfast Recipe: Pancake in a Bowl


I absolutely LOVE breakfast! It’s not only the biggest meal of the day for me but also the most important.  Enjoy this recipe, I know I have already told many of you about it already- so yummy!

What you need:

1 packet of Cream of Wheat or 1/2c of Oats

3/4c Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

1scoop vanilla protein powder

1T Agave or Honey


1. Warm up milk according to the package directions for either the Cream of Wheat or Instant Oats.

2. Once heated, stir in cream of wheat and all other remaining ingredients.

3. Adding extra toppings makes it even better: walnuts & 1/2 of a banana are also delicious additions to this high protein breakfast!

Leave your thoughts, comments below-


That’s a wrap!

Is 2.5 months enough procrastination to write this post? Guess so! With on and off again plans to race different Ironman’s after Ironman Louisville, I thought my season was going to continue but to much of my Coach’s advice, I am officially in offseason folks!

image  Raleigh70.3  Sprint2014_2  LLT-fin2  image

I had so much fun this year racing to 4 Overall Female podium finishes and 3 Age Group podium finishes, making me 3 of 3 in my Ironman record for age group placement.  I’m excited to continue to work on my strength and improve in all three disciplines each and every year. Talking about my 2015 season makes me more eager than ever to take on Ironman Texas with my brother and friends racing by my side- stay tuned because it will be one amazing McMorries- Gallegos Race Off as to who will hold the family record swim time!!


Huge thanks to Timex Factory Team for all your support and to Team Timex athletes for always being an inspiration to me each and every race- you guys go out and kill it every single time and are amazing athletes and individuals! Thank you to EAS Brand Supplements for providing me with a solid Recovery Whey Protein powder to help assist my body in replenishing itself each and every workout this year. And finally, thank you to my Coach, Nick Brodnicki, from Endorphin Fitness for always believing in me, pushing me, and expecting nothing less than perfect on each and every workout! And to my Rocky Top Multisport Team and friends I train with every single bike ride- don’t make me name everyone- but THANK YOU!!

image  image  jess and me 2  imageimage

7 Tips for Mental Toughness

I came across this article the other day and wanted to share it with you guys! Many are planning on racing Ironman Chattanooga less than 2 weeks away.. Eeekkkkkk! But many of you are also challenging your bodies to take on other obstacles: Half Marathon, local 5K, and of course the ever popular Mud Runs! Below is an article written by

 How to dig deep when you want to give up

By: Beth Risdon

Running is hard. When fatigue sets in during a race, you must rely on your mental toughness to get you across the finish line. Check out these seven tips for how to dig deep when all you want to do is give up:

  1. Have a mantra. Pick one or two simple and short phrases that motivate you and keep you in the game. It may sound hokey, but a mantra gives you something to hold onto when you are desperate.
  2. If it’s hot, slow your pace. Nothing is more discouraging than trying to keep a certain pace when you are about to pass out from the heat.
  3. Think back. Remember a time when you were so mentally and physically done that you wanted to quit but kept going. Squeeze your fist as hard as you can. Then squeeze it harder. See? You had more to give than you thought you did.
  4. Remember the big picture. Training can be mundane and boring. Runs can seem routine, almost purposeless. Keep the big goal in mind. Imagine running your marathon or big race. Imagine crossing the finish line. Know that each step of your “mundane and boring” run is getting you closer to that big goal.
  5. Stay present. Don’t think about the fact hat you still have 5, 10 or 15 miles to go. Get to the next corner or stop sign and then re-assess how you feel.
  6. Keep perspective. Remember that it is not supposed to be easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it. Instead of breaking yourself down with negative thinking, boost yourself up with encouragement. You are out there. You are doing it.
  7. Get bigger than yourself. You are tired; you want to quit. Shift your thinking. Remember that you can run, when many people cannot. Think of someone close to you who has trouble even walking. Remember a friend or family member who has passed away. Be grateful, and just keep moving forward.

Get the mindset right.. Ironman training

As many if you are physically preparing for Ironman Chattanooga in 3 weeks, don’t forget all the mental prep as well!!

Love this read I found today-image


The real victory isn’t the act of smashing through the tape and crossing the finish line; it’s not seeing your name first on the list or standing on the highest step on the podium. None of that can make your legs shake with fear and excitement.

Victory, the real victory, is what is deep down inside each one of us. It’s what we can’t believe will ever happen despite all the training and will on our part, and yet it is what finally happens. Despite all the thinking and brandishing of calculators, after so many hours of preparation, after so many days of training, of telling ourselves that we can win, or simply finish the race, it is as if something in our unconscious is constantly telling us that it is impossible, that it would be too wonderful, too brilliant, too incredible for it to become reality. That what we want to achieve is only a dream. And when you cross the line, when you look behind and see that it is for real, that you are flesh and blood, and that what seemed possible only in dreams has become real, you realize that that is the real victory.

Winning isn’t about finishing in first place. It isn’t about beating the others. It is about overcoming yourself. Overcoming your body, your limitations, and your fears. Winning means surpassing yourself and turning your dreams into reality.”

-Kilian Jornet


Ironman Louisville- Nutrition


Ironman Louisville presents many challenges within itself- but one thing I keep very consistent during an Ironman race no matter what course I’m on, is my nutrition.

I absolutely love and stand by Jesse’s nutrition from The Core Diet– I will describe some things below as to what I do, but the Core Diet will customize to your individual race day needs. Visit his website at I promise you will not regret it! 

4-6 Days from Race Day:

 With the anticipation of the heat index being well above 100 degrees on race day, cutting down the consumption of little to no fat in my diet as well as increasing my sodium (salt) consumption the days before were a priority.

Knowing dehydration and poor nutrition is the key to tackling Ironman Louisville, I focused on consuming ~120 fl oz of water or nuun a day. The closer I came to the race, the more nuun I consumed. The heat was going to be a battle in itself, I didn’t need to have leg cramps to add to that fun factor 🙂

1-2 Days before Race Day:

This is where The Core Diet makes it easy for you.

The nutrition plan outlines exactly what to eat at exactly-ish the right time to eat it. It works great for me! I’m already trying to stay calm and rest as much as possible, so to not have to think about my nutrition 1-2 Days before the race was great!

To summarize these two days, I consumed a BIG lunch and dinner 2 days out and continued my 120fl oz of Ironman Perform or water. One day before I ate like a Queen and had another huge breakfast and gradually started tapering my meals throughout the day. 



Race Morning, 3-4 hours before Go-Time:

4c Unsweetened Applesauce

1scoop of EAS protein powder

1 banana

1 bottle of Perform



1/2 Powerbar (suppose to be more but

that’s all I could consume before IM Louisville)

1 Powergel + water



2 Powerbars- Vanilla Crisp

8 Powergels- Tangerine, Vanilla, Latte

4 Salt Stix

14-15 Bottles of Ironman Perform



4 Powergels- Tangerine, Cafe Latte

2 Salt Stix

2-3cups of IRONMAN Perform at each aid station



2scoops of EAS Recovery Protein + Glutamine

LOTS and lots of water 🙂


Of course, like any race, I had to adapt and wasn’t able to take in the proper amount of nutrition on the run as I was suppose too but outlined above is what kept me alive on Sunday! Hope y’all enjoy the read, message me if you have any questions– race report coming soon!!



It’s IRONMAN Weekend!

Take a look into Nacogdoches Endurance Training girls who are racing IRONMAN Louisville with me! So excited to be here with them this week-


It’s IRONMAN weekend for NET again this year! We have two athletes and a friend competing at Ironman Louisville in Kentucky on Sunday. Today we will get to know our athletes so that you can better track them over 140.6 miles! Go NET!!!

Meet the NET IMLouisville Athletes —

jess and me 2Catie Morrow

1st Ironman!
BIB#: 404
Goggles: Speedo Vanquishers
Bike: Pink Felt
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline

 jessicaJessica Morrow

2nd Ironman
BIB#: 438
Goggles: Speedo Air Seal XR
Bike: Giant TrinityShoes: Brooks Glycerin 13

And meet our NET Friend at IMLouisville —

imageElyse Gallegos

3rd Ironman
BIB#: 197
Goggles: Speedo MDR 2.4 Mirrored
Bike: Cervelo P2
Shoes: Saucony Kinvara 4
Elyse is NET’s sister-in-law and lives and trains in Knoxville, TN.

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