Ironman Texas, 2015


The Woodlands was the host of Ironman Texas, North American Championship this year. The race did not disappoint with the as expected heat, humidity, and killer winds.

Pre-race I was able to catch up with Timex Multisport Athlete, Sam Mazer, at the expo and enjoy some well needed Normatec boot recovery time! I checked in all my gear bags and finished up my day enjoying the company of family and friends as much as possible.

1:16:27 (1:58/100yds), 12th in Age Group

The swim was a 1 mile walk from transition. After making sure my Stages Power meter was calibrated, my Timex Cycle Trainer was turned on/ synced, and Challenge tires were good to go. With the rolling start, I wasn’t able to warm up as well as I wanted too but arm circles and a quick jog did just fine. I was nervous to see what my body could handle for the day and how my arm would hold up with 2 fresh fractures in place.

I found another Timex Multisport Athlete… the famous Luis Alvarez at the swim start as we were lined up hand in hand. That guy is hilarious and lightened the mood for everyone- it’s all about having fun man!The cannon went off in a very anti-climatic way and we were running into the water before I knew it. The out and back swim wasn’t anything spectacular.It lead everyone into a canal for about 0.8mi at the end which was pretty cool to get some energy from the crowds nearby. The swim felt like a long time… only because it was. What would normally have taken me much much less time to complete, left me with a killer time of 1:16:27. Ouch!

T1: My butt made the IMTX 2015 race video.. so that in itself is pretty spectacular!! The transition area was a mud fest so I stuffed my nutrition in the back of my castelli tri top, grabbed my shoes and waited to put them on when the volunteer was holding my bike.


5:51:17 (19.1mph), 9th in Age Group


The rolling hills and National Forest area was absolutely awesome to bike in. The bike was fast (loved my new Trek Speed Concept 9.9), the winds were too. I could feel myself being whipped back and forth across the road and couldn’t help but cringe every time it happened. I’m still a bit fresh from my two crashes and re-live them often.. so high winds/ uneven roads/ and taking corners didn’t really go well with me on race day! And in the end, actually might have made a difference between making the podium or not. It’s all lesson’s learned as I take this and look forward to my next race! I pulled into transition, saw my front tire was flat and praised baby Jesus I was able to make it in!

T2: T2 was uneventful. I managed to shove a banana down me and grab my pre-mixed bottle of skratch labs with added in EAS Hydrate (high in potassium and sodium).


4:05:34, 6th in Age Group


The 3 loop course was great and very spectator friendly. Their is no real elevation change, so everyone’s focus was mainly on dealing with the heat and the wind. By the second loop it was low 90’s and the winds still felt like you were running in a wind tunnel in one small part of the course but all in all could have been much worse. Never before had I wanted to quit as bad as I did at this race. Seeing my Kona spot becoming more of a dream than a reality was hard but remembering that I am doing something most people can’t even fathom continued to inspire me. Well… that and I could see another age grouper was just about 90 seconds ahead so that may or may not have helped a little 🙂  I did end up passing her prior to the finish line and took in a solid 6th place in a very awesome/ competitive field for the day.


Total Time: 11:21:53, 6th place (F25-29)

Overall I am so proud of myself and my body for conquering my 4th Ironman! My wrist and elbow took quite a beating for the day and I am embracing a solid 4 week recovery/ healing period for my fractures before trying to gain strength back in my arm again. I love the course, I loved the volunteers and spectators, and would hands down recommend IMTX to any one of you out there.

Huge ‘Thank You’ goes out to Timex Multisport Team, Shimano, Trek, Skins compression, Castelli, Skratch Labs, Challenge Tires, Blueseventy, Beet Performer, Stages Powermeter, Squirt Lube, EAS Brand Supplements, and First Bourn for all being supportive and believing in me!! You all ROCK!!!



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