Ironman World Championship- Video

Thank you Kona and Ironman for the incredible experience. A big Mahalo to each and every one of you who made me smile throughout the week. My NICU team from Nacogdoches to Galveston to Knoxville as well as John’s Surgery team- thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

The race was absolutely all that it lived up to be. The grueling wait for the swim start to listening to helicopters overhead to the multiple cannons going off before the Age Group women start– the nerves were real and alive! I was so happy to be there!

The bike through the lava fields up to Hawi was expected. Hot temperatures, reaching well up into 97 degrees and averaged around 91 race day. Madame Pele was kind but still gave us head winds both ways but minimal crosswinds (thank you Mom and Jesus). 

The run along Alii was awesome- the crowd support was unbelievable and the climb up Palani was brutal. Much respect now for those that run up it as if it were a speed bump 🙂 . A very mental 8 miles out led me all the way to the Queen K, down into the Energy Lab before I made the turn to come home for another grueling (but final) 8 miles. The finish line was everything plus more. Emotional, spiritual, and humbling.

I took my time, stopped to say hi to athletes along the way, stared at the pro’s as they were biking or running in perfect form.. and I regret nothing about my race- I’m so inspired and in awe of every single person there. Congratulations to everyone for competing and conquering Kona!

Of course I am always going to believe I could have gone faster, but it’s about the experience of being there on the worlds stage that makes the stage worthwhile. I soaked in the glory and immediately thought of the journey it took to cross the finish line. The ones who cheered me through, and gave so much to make my dream a reality. This is a moment that will live on in my heart, as I continue to challenge myself to dig deeper and give my best for forever. Thank you for being apart of my journey, for this is one memory I will never forget. 

Enjoy the quick video below, Mahalo❤️🌴


2015 Recap!

2015 is almost coming to an end, can you believe it?? 

John and I have enjoyed another great year together full of a mixture of joy, laughter, surprises, loses, family gatherings, and sleepless nights. It’s been fun and we thank God for another healthy happy year for the both of us!

Our year in short:  

  • I became a new member of the Timex Multisport Team- one of the best teams and people I have ever met. What an honor!
  • Partnered up with EAS Sports Nutrition for a FANTASTIC year full of “firsts” for me.. Photoshoots, meeting Larry Fitzgerald, Demarco Murray, and fellow EAS athletes Ramsey, Katie, Matt, & Nick that have become great friends and they inspire me daily.
  • John became a 5th year Chief Surgery Resident (Sadly, our last year in Knoxville).
  • I started my 6th year as a Neonatal NICU nurse.. Love my co-workers and my NICU babies/ grads!
  • John matched to the University of Florida, Gainesville for his CardioThoracic Surgery Fellowship!! We will move in June 2016.
  • I fractured/ broke my wrist and elbow by getting hit by a car on my bike but raced Ironman Texas anyways!! One of my proudest (and hardest) finishes to date.
  • John & fellow Chief Resident David received an award for Outstanding Research project- so proud!!
  • I qualified for Kona at Ironman Chattanooga and am preparing to race on the Big Island October of 2016!
  • My grandfather unexpectedly passed away- seeing my entire family was a blessing in disguise. I learned my Grandpa was part of the top 1-2% smartest people in the World. He is a member of Intertel and Mensa. What an amazing, Godly man! We miss him always.
  • My brother, Ryan, announced that an addition to the family is coming May 2016!!!! I’m going to be an Auntie… again!!! Can’t wait to meet little Jack McMorries!

Thank you to Timex, EAS, my Coach- Nick Brodnicki, & my strength coach- Dwight Wilson at Exclusive Fitness for all putting up with me. You guys are fantastic! 2016 will be a crazy one, we can’t wait for Florida.. New training grounds for me.. And new adventures to be made! 

Happy Training,


Texas Bound- Day 1 and 2

Ironman Texas is so close!! With the race a 8 days away, it was a no brainer to head down early to the great state of Texas and see all my family and friends before its go-time! 

I flew in yesterday and stayed at my cousin Adam and his wife Jennifer’s house. I haven’t had the chance, since moving to TN, to see their daughter Adalyn so we had lots of catching up to do!! 

Nap time stories with Adalyn

Adam picked me up from the airport in his usual timely fashion and we headed straight to Tru and Tri Sports bike shop where they had the lengthy job of assembling my bike together in perfect form for IMTX. These guys were so great at getting my bike race ready, tuned, and all aligned perfectly for me they even were able to get it back to me the same day which is awesome. Can’t thank them enough!

Tru and Tri Sports at Cypress, TX

Only one minor mishap, the bike rack wasn’t up to par with handling my Trek Speed Concept 9.9 soooo we had to get a bit creative- all worked out well- Adam was a Cub Scout.

On Friday, I headed out for a hot, humid and windy run then had the opportunity to get my hands on all of Adam’s cool recovery toys. I should have extended my stay for longer- must remember this next Ironman Trip!

Trigger point therapy- I used this bad boy post long run today! Helped shake out the stress of traveling on the legs. And roll out the soreness from my bike wreck.

Soma Pulse- The SomaPulse is a portable pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) system. It assists in recovery from injury or damage to hard or soft tissue, bone, tendons, ligaments, muscles, cartilage.. Perfect for me post bike crash and aiding me in recovery. Does it work?? Not sure. But to be honest Ironman is 99.9% mental anyway so let me continue to believe it works 😄

… And finally, my favorite thing-

Sunlighten mPulse Conquer, Infrared Sauna

I only tried the “cardio” option as recommended by the manufacturer for my heat training but here are all the options:

Cockpit- 521KM, Cessna 210

The day ended with my Dad picking me up from the airport to make our way back to my hometown of Nacogdoches. Here we met with my brother/ sister in law and my niece and nephew and stepmom for a good ol’ East Texas crawfish boil (Too bad I hate crawfish haha). Still fun to see the little ones and be with everyone.


Welcome to Texas and all her beauty! Lots of trees and land.

Excited to spend the next couple days with my niece Susie and nephew William, as well as rest of the family and church family! A year has gone by and this trip was long over due.

Until next blog, happy training!


Timex Multisport Camp, Part 1


Timex Camp has come and gone but as I make my way home and recollect all my experiences here at camp, no one says it better than these two guys- Dave Erickson and Roger Thompson. Enjoy the 1 hour podcast/ video of Timex Camp by these guys. If you have time or you are just bored/ on the trainer/ or the toilet give it a gander 🙂 

Timex Multisport Camp Recap Video Interview

More to come by me in the next few days-

Happy Training!


Team Timex Camp 2015

Timex Camp this year was in the beautiful sunny state of Tuscon, Arizona. Besides a few other cities, this is an athlete’s paradise this time of year. With Mt. Lemmon nearby and the University of Arizona’s recreational pool at our disposal (thanks Timex & Team Sports Inc.), Tuscon was a perfect fit for us all. 

DAY 1: The Arrival

For me, being the Rookie to the team, meeting everyone was definitely overwhelming but really exciting. I mean, I’ve followed and have looked up to so many of these athletes for a while, so to meet them in person and see how funny, down-to-earth everyone is was truly amazing. Day 1 for me was all about getting to know everyone, hearing/ congratulating each person on a successful 2014 race season, and getting through awkward shoulder taps/ neck rubs since people kept confusing me with 6’1″  athlete Christine Hammond.. Great times

Josh Cox, US 50k Record Holder. Participant in 4x Olympic Marathon Trials & qualified 3x for Team USA, was our speaker for the night. He delivered such an inspirational story with these three take-aways: 

  1. Believe in your dreams
  2. Be faithful in your gifts
  3. Pursue your passion

Believe, have faith, and pursue. Simplicity at its best.  



The morning started with 5:30am swim at the U of A Rec. pool where the Team learned about the ongoing products of our sponsor Blueseventy before hitting the deck. Team workouts are the best. Since this was the first full day of Camp, everyone had tons of energy and the 1.5hr pool workout literally flew by. 


All our meals, as pictured above, were catered by Skratch Labs. I can’t say enough great things about Allen and the rest of the Chef’s who cooked and prepared our meals for everyone. Plenty of food to help fuel our bodies for the day and snacks always at our disposal in between meetings.

The morning and afternoon meetings were all about learning and giving feedback on Timex products that have either recently launched or products that are about to launch in 2015. The majority of our time was spent on Timex’s mega-product, the Timex One-GPS. Talk about an athlete’s dream! As a frequent solo runner myself, using the “Angel tracker” to notify my contacts when I start/ finish workouts not only gives me a peace of mind knowing that I’m safe but also drives me to nail each workout (after all, they can see your data at any given time). Another cool feature is it literally syncs to GPS within seconds of turning the watch on, and it allows messaging to scan through your device, allowing you to reply back, while you run without having to have a phone tethered to you. Truly a great product!

More products I learned about were the Run x20 GPS watch, the Move x20, and finally the Run x50 Timex watch! Each of these products are geared to a wide variety of athletes, from the recreational runner to Professional athlete you can choose how much to how little information you want to know and pick a product that works best for you.

Timex Challenge:


In the afternoon, we split up in groups for a challenge.. Who can spell out TIMEX using the One GPS and show it to our Team Manager the fastest is the winner. Our team was doomed from the get go, lets just be honest. So my team consisted of the two newbies (only 2 were brought on this year, me and James), 2 foreign athletes (who haven’t received the new watch yet to know how it works), and Trista (the only legit long-term athlete of the bunch) haha. But despite all odds, we WON, finishing in 14 minutes! Check it out–


 That evening we had our Timex end of year banquet where Ellen Hart gave an all-inspiring speech of her journey/ struggles/ accomplishments throughout her lifetime. Truly a wonderful woman and athlete who I can add to the many people I already look up too on our Team. The night was full of laughter, tears, and many speeches as Dave Orlowski (the Legend & one of the original Ironman who brought this sport to life) and Tristan Brown (our Team Manager) were inducted into the Timex Hall of Fame. Well deserved!! 


Day 3: Our Sponsors 


 Another great morning of swimming with my teammates, Kelly Fillnow and Dave Erickson. We pushed each other through an awesome speed swim set that I swear left me, a 6’2” tall, gangly triathlete, with bulging triceps, delts, and shoulders by the end of the workout. Great workout, thanks y’all! 


 The team took a quick moment for group shots and individual photo’s by Larry Rosa before hitting our Round Robin learning session. I was a bit overwhelmed as the newbie yet completely consumed with all the knowledge each sponsor educated us on: Shimano, Skratch Labs, Challenge tires, Stages Power Meter, Squirt Lube, and Cat Eye. It’s a relief to know as I train or as I race, that I am backed by top of the line components and products to help me deliver each and every performance.


The Final Day

It’s funny how you develop such close relationships with people in such a short amount of time. I learned we are not all just athletes saying “hi” to one another in passing, but in reality just a big family… who just live thousands of miles a part. I walked away from Timex camp feeling inspired and more than anything motivated to push my body to every limit as I take on Ironman Texas. Can’t thank Tristan, our Team Manager, for believing in me and taking me on the team this year. I’m excited with what the year might bring and even more excited to cheer on my new family as they continue to dominate the 2015 race circuit. 

Here’s to a great 2015 Season!!

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