Ironman World Championship- Video

Thank you Kona and Ironman for the incredible experience. A big Mahalo to each and every one of you who made me smile throughout the week. My NICU team from Nacogdoches to Galveston to Knoxville as well as John’s Surgery team- thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

The race was absolutely all that it lived up to be. The grueling wait for the swim start to listening to helicopters overhead to the multiple cannons going off before the Age Group women start– the nerves were real and alive! I was so happy to be there!

The bike through the lava fields up to Hawi was expected. Hot temperatures, reaching well up into 97 degrees and averaged around 91 race day. Madame Pele was kind but still gave us head winds both ways but minimal crosswinds (thank you Mom and Jesus). 

The run along Alii was awesome- the crowd support was unbelievable and the climb up Palani was brutal. Much respect now for those that run up it as if it were a speed bump 🙂 . A very mental 8 miles out led me all the way to the Queen K, down into the Energy Lab before I made the turn to come home for another grueling (but final) 8 miles. The finish line was everything plus more. Emotional, spiritual, and humbling.

I took my time, stopped to say hi to athletes along the way, stared at the pro’s as they were biking or running in perfect form.. and I regret nothing about my race- I’m so inspired and in awe of every single person there. Congratulations to everyone for competing and conquering Kona!

Of course I am always going to believe I could have gone faster, but it’s about the experience of being there on the worlds stage that makes the stage worthwhile. I soaked in the glory and immediately thought of the journey it took to cross the finish line. The ones who cheered me through, and gave so much to make my dream a reality. This is a moment that will live on in my heart, as I continue to challenge myself to dig deeper and give my best for forever. Thank you for being apart of my journey, for this is one memory I will never forget. 

Enjoy the quick video below, Mahalo❤️🌴