70.3 Muncie Race Report

Ironman 70.3 Muncie

July 11, 2015

Race morning I woke up, ate my regular pre-race meal of applesauce, banana, electrolyte drink, and a scoop of protein before heading off to the middle of nowhere, Indiana. I did the usual set up- checked/calibrated my Stages powermeter, aired up my challenge tires, and racked my speedy Trek bike without any problems. A lot of people had to wait in line for a good 30-40min before parking so I would definitely advise getting to transition early. 

Morning warm up was longer than usual since we had a 15 min delay (due to the parking issue). I ran 3 miles and swam for a good 20 minutes before jumping in my 7:55am age group coral.

1.2mi SWIM-

I was the 11th out of 12 waves to start, so I knew I wanted to stay on the buoy line or inside just to avoid all the people. After the gun went off, I was able to stay with the lead pack until we caught up to the male 30-34 age group that left right before us. Finding feet to stay on became harder to do as we faced soooo many people ahead of us- but we all had to face the same thing… A huge never ending crowd of people all the way through the course!

The swim course is an upside down triangle so going out and over you had the sun at your back before turning and making your way to the swim exit. Once on your way in, you have the sun right in your line of vision, it wasn’t as bad as 2 years ago when I raced this course but just enough to make you sight a little more extra than normal.

Irreguardless of the situation, I really wanted to be 30min under on my swim time. I still have so much to continue to work on with my strength and rehab but as I was nearing the exit of the water, I still had the girls in my AG in front of me in my line of vision, so I was ready to hop on my killer TREK bike and get after it!

Swim Time- 33:18; 13th AG, 42nd Female

T1- I ran up a carpeted hill, found my Trek bike without any problems and headed out. T1 Time- 2:44

56mi BIKE-


The first couple of miles out to the highway were on rough roads and was pretty crowded.. a common theme for this race. Once out onto the highway, I knew it would be 10+ miles into the wind, then a nice tailwind back before repeating the out and back for a second time. This race was a little bit different from most, my Coach and I decided to not go by any data and see where it landed me! Our main goal was for me to just push myself as I went against the wind, then naturally my heart rate would drop with a tailwind as a ‘recovery’ as I continued to push more watts with the wind behind me. No stress, just push and race my race.

It helped so much seeing all my Knoxville friends totally dominate out on the double loop course- Kevin, Bill, Betsy, and Andy, Joanne- and the Nashville crew- Robbie, Mike- were all constant motivators to keep me digging every minute… Love racing with these guys!

I was able to finally pass a big group of people I had been going back and forth with (since literally the beginning of the race) around mile 35 and surpass a couple of girls in my age group shortly thereafter. I found another girl in my age group that stayed with me the entire bike ride into transition as we pushed each other and battled it out for who was to enter into transition first! We pulled into T2 together with her just seconds behind me..

Bike Time- 2:27:06 (22.84mph); 3rd Age Group, 11th Female OV

T2- Switched into my running shoes, grabbed my hydration bottle full of concentrated Skratch Labs+ EAS hydrate and took off! (And may or may not have stopped into the bathroom… Full bladder.. I know, I know need to work on that)!

13.1mi RUN-


I knew almost immediately stepping out of T2 the run was going to be a long one! I was passed by the girl in my age group about 2 minutes in and tried to maintain her cadence as I followed in behind her. After about the 1.5mile turn I had lost her and just kept focusing on hydration and my turnover rate. The Muncie course was rolling small hills out and back route, it’s a good way to see where you are in your age group and a pretty fair course with the heat being an overall factor.

I pushed ‘hard’ going out to the 6.5 mile turnaround and felt great. My fitness and form started diminishing at mile 8 when my buddy Andy passed me. I maintained his cadence and my new goal was to keep his bright neon yellow hat within sight. I kept pushing the uphills and used each aid station to dump ice down the front/ back of my kit to keep my core temp down. With 1mile to go I found a couple more girls ahead of me in my swim wave and was able to power up the final hill and pass them for a total time and PR race for me!

Run Time- 1:42:22 (7’48” pace)

Total Time- 4:46; 5th F(25-29); 14th F Overall


Against a support competitive field, where first and second in my age group to Female Overall honors, I am happy and thankful to be in the top 5 at this Ironman event. 

HUGE thank you to Timex, my One-GPS gave me my splits right on track with Ironman’s markers and connected to GPS immediately! Also shout out to Skins compression, Squirt Lube, Challenge Tires, Skratch Labs, Stages Powermeter, my fantastic TREK bike, Blueseventy goggles were the bomb, EAS recovery products, and my Castilli Tri Kit that is so comfy I wouldn’t race in anything else! Shout out to First Bourn– you guys are so supportive and truly understand the needs of athlete by creating a killer training facility for triathletes! Can’t wait to train in Asheville this winter!

Thanks to my friends/ family/ co-workers/ and of course my Coach, Nick Brodnicki for pushing me every day and in every workout! Next big race is Ironman Chattanooga and can’t wait to keep working on my strengths and building on my weaknesses moving forward within these next couple of weeks before the big dance.

Until then, happy training!



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