Ironman Texas Pre-Race: Team Elyse

Heading into Ironman Texas I was nervous as all get out! Crashing just 4 weeks to the day before the big race and again 2 weeks later (Knoxville is not bike friendly, FYI) left me with 2 fractures one in my wrist and the other in my elbow. Knowing how hard I trained and worked in the off-season to get to where I was, I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from toeing the line race morning.

I don’t know why but I was extremely nervous to tell my Timex teammates and friends about what had happened. I wasn’t looking for an excuse for a sloppy time or any sympathy but was just nervous being the newbie to the team what they might say or think of me. By no surprise at all, I pretty much have the best teammates/ co-workers/ friends ever!! The overwhelming support of everyone started pouring in from people giving me advice to inspirational messages and the community just offering their support and services to get me back on track. I’m humbled to say the least and I dedicate my finish at IMTX to every single one you all. You all are my heroes!

All week-long I received more messages of support and prayers for confidence as I was about to take on the 2.4 mile swim, 112mile bike ride, and finish up for a 26.2 mile run. The day before the race, my friend, Meredith, sent me something I’ll never forget, a video of all the UT Surgery Resident’s showing their support and belief that I can persevere.
 It caught on!

my East TN Children’s Hospital NICU work family:


Some NICU graduates (preemies):

And Friends:



And not to forget my first NICU work family at UTMB- Betty Wison, Kim, Dianna/ Richard.. Yall are so amazing.. Thank you!

I also wanted to thank Robbie Ressler– a physical therapist at Nacogdoches Medical Center for taking his time to see me during a busy work week and showing me PLENTY of exercises for me to do!

Thanks to Kevin at Provision, for giving me feedback on my injury and helping me develop a plan of action as I trained prior to the race-

Eddie from Eddie’s Health Shoppe took control of my diet and aiming me in the right direction for optimal recovery as well as helping me become a lean mean ironman machine 🙂

My cousin, Adam, who let me play with all his cool recovery gadgets at his house and for being my race day Sherpa ON his birthday.

Tristan Brown, my Timex team Manager, who stayed ‘on-call’ and ready to get me a new Trek bike frame if I needed one in time for for the race!

And HUGE thank you to my poor poor Coach- Nick Brodnicki-who had to deal with my crazy self for a whole four weeks leading into the race. His overwhelming outpouring of support was a game changer and I can’t thank him enough for all that he has done for me!
Race report coming soon!!


Happy (safe) Training,



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