Texas Bound- Day 1 and 2

Ironman Texas is so close!! With the race a 8 days away, it was a no brainer to head down early to the great state of Texas and see all my family and friends before its go-time! 

I flew in yesterday and stayed at my cousin Adam and his wife Jennifer’s house. I haven’t had the chance, since moving to TN, to see their daughter Adalyn so we had lots of catching up to do!! 

Nap time stories with Adalyn

Adam picked me up from the airport in his usual timely fashion and we headed straight to Tru and Tri Sports bike shop where they had the lengthy job of assembling my bike together in perfect form for IMTX. These guys were so great at getting my bike race ready, tuned, and all aligned perfectly for me they even were able to get it back to me the same day which is awesome. Can’t thank them enough!

Tru and Tri Sports at Cypress, TX

Only one minor mishap, the bike rack wasn’t up to par with handling my Trek Speed Concept 9.9 soooo we had to get a bit creative- all worked out well- Adam was a Cub Scout.

On Friday, I headed out for a hot, humid and windy run then had the opportunity to get my hands on all of Adam’s cool recovery toys. I should have extended my stay for longer- must remember this next Ironman Trip!

Trigger point therapy- I used this bad boy post long run today! Helped shake out the stress of traveling on the legs. And roll out the soreness from my bike wreck.

Soma Pulse- The SomaPulse is a portable pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) system. It assists in recovery from injury or damage to hard or soft tissue, bone, tendons, ligaments, muscles, cartilage.. Perfect for me post bike crash and aiding me in recovery. Does it work?? Not sure. But to be honest Ironman is 99.9% mental anyway so let me continue to believe it works 😄

… And finally, my favorite thing-

Sunlighten mPulse Conquer, Infrared Sauna

I only tried the “cardio” option as recommended by the manufacturer for my heat training but here are all the options:

Cockpit- 521KM, Cessna 210

The day ended with my Dad picking me up from the airport to make our way back to my hometown of Nacogdoches. Here we met with my brother/ sister in law and my niece and nephew and stepmom for a good ol’ East Texas crawfish boil (Too bad I hate crawfish haha). Still fun to see the little ones and be with everyone.


Welcome to Texas and all her beauty! Lots of trees and land.

Excited to spend the next couple days with my niece Susie and nephew William, as well as rest of the family and church family! A year has gone by and this trip was long over due.

Until next blog, happy training!