Arnold Classic 2015 with EAS

The Arnold Convention 2015

I don’t know where I have been all these years but apparently nowhere near Columbus, Ohio in March! I have never heard of the Arnold Convention before or knew anything about it. Of course my Husband did and insisted I went to experience this insane series of events.

One of my sponsors, EAS brand supplements, had a “booth” there and they as always took me in like one of their own and I had so much fun. Literally from sun up to sun down the Arnold Classic was slammed with hundreds of people shoulder to shoulder or should I say massive deltoid to deltoid roaming from company to company on the new latest products. EAS was launching their new product packaging in which the whey protein is placed in hard container with a pop off lid.. The cool part? INSIDE the lid is the scoop where you can easily take on and off to get your protein out. Genius. Can’t tell you guys how many times I have had to dig around for the dang scoop in a bag of whey protein to find it at the bottom and half the powder all over my counter! Problem solved!

EAS also featured other products:

  • 100% Whey Protein Powder
  • Myoplex
  • Muscle Armor
  • Hydrate (adult version of Pedialyte- fantastic!!)
  • Bars!

To kick off the EAS section of the Arnold convention, they had NFL RB DeMarco Murray on stage to talk about how he uses EAS powder in his on/offseason regimen and answered various other questions as well as signing autographs for a few lucky fans who made it in line. DeMarco is not only a fantastic athlete but also a great, pretty quiet man. Excited to see what the future has for him and his NFL career as he just finished an amazing 2014 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. Best of luck D!

Larry Fitzgerald, an EAS brand athlete for over 12 years, NFL WR for Arizona Cardinals needs no introduction. He is just as smart as he is talented and felt like a big brother to me as I was able to get to know him just a little bit through these last couple of days. Larry introduced the new packaging to the EAS stage for the first time and also was able to get a picture with Arnold himself!!

The Arnold Convention wouldn’t be complete without me checking out the competition stage- all you had to do was follow the glittery and orange people and BAM you made it. The body competition was crazy. I can’t even fathom the amount of self-discipline that goes into the prep work of all these individuals. Truly is inspiring despite the fact I would never want to look that way (pretty sure that would be impossible with my long lanky arms).

All in all I am SO happy I made the trip to Columbus, not only for the Convention and represent a brand that I love and believe in so strongly, but because EAS (and O2 the production agency) has become like family to me. The individuals behind the brand name are what make it so great! I mean, I did drive 7 hours in a slushy snow storm just to see everyone after all! It was totally worth it and an experience I will never forget!

Thanks General Manager Heather for bringing me on! Jeff- thank you for all the coordination and keeping me informed. Adam & Trevor thanks for the constant entertainment, pretty sure I left with abs of steal for laughing so hard. And for all the O2 group and the rest of my EAS friends and other athletes- this was Awesome!

Until next time.. Happy Training!



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