EAS in Phoenix

Just a quick recap of my fun journey to Phoenix for you guys-

I am honored to be a part of EAS Sports Nutrition advertisement campaign geared towards the everyday athlete. When I received a call to come aboard and be a part of the Team I was thrilled to say the least. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I hoped on a plane to Phoenix, Arizona and started a new page in my life. What an unbelievable journey God is leading John and I on through the past years and to add this quick trip in the mix was a treat to say the least!

From the moment I stepped off the plane, the craziness commenced. I had never met any of the EAS Brand Team and honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but everyone was so kind and took me in just like family. I never have laughed so hard and felt so comfortable with people I had met just moments earlier.


She was all ready to feed us all on set with anything we wanted. Loved this great food!

Day 1: We went straight to the “photo shoot” where I was sent to a hair/makeup artist (fun fact: later learned that she’s called a ‘MUA’) followed by wardrobe. I ran underneath a bridge, I sprinted underneath a bridge, then I jump roped underneath the same bridge.. add in a few bounding drills and that was it folks! hahaha. It was a pretty interesting experience and I was able to meet some truly remarkable people/ athletes that day- Nick Ekbatani, Katie Yip, and Matt McCune– just to name a few! These guys each have a truly remarkable story which left me feeling inspired, humbled, and motivated towards reaching my goal of one day qualifying for Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.


Make-up Artist (MUA): Allison Pyn & Wardrobe consultant

To get a bit of a glimpse of these remarkable people and gather some inspiration of your own read about Former UCLA Football player, Nick Ekbatani here:



Katie Yip– a New Yorker, Pilates instructor/ health guru.



Matt McCune– a former Ohio State soccer player and Kona Qualifier at Ironman Canada in his FIRST Ironman!

-He doesn’t do social media so you might just have to travel to Columbus, Ohio yourself to talk training with this amazing athlete and friend.

Day 2: In the morning, I tagged along with Matt and climbed Camelback Mountain plus added in a good 5k afterwards to soak up more of the sun.


Camelback Mountain

   IMG_7345    IMG_7347

Left: Low 50 degree waters in a speed suit- ice bath!

Right: ‘Hurry up and take the picture’ Maybe not a great choice in words to say to photographer Blair Bunting

 The afternoon was back to the EAS set at Rattlesnake Cove in Tonto National Forrest. We all did a couple of action shots- mine being in the lake- and then we went back to the hotel to clean up and get ready for dinner. I was able to meet the General Manager of EAS Sports Nutrition, Heather, a long with Team’s Registered Dietitian Pam! These women are as real as you can get and so amazing to talk with I was just soaking up every bit of information.


Dinner with G.M. Heather (left), Registered Dietician/ runner/ Mom of 2 Pam (middle), and Me!

The night ended way too quickly and the next day we were all on our different paths back to where we each called home. I left Phoenix that day with a full heart, a good sun tan, and more than a dozen new friends. It’s awesome to know that EAS is truly invested in not only the quality of products they produce, but also in the athletes/ consumers themselves.

Huge ‘thank you’ to Jeff, Adam, and Kelly for coordinating and taking care of all of us while in Phoenix as well as the rest of Team EAS for letting us join in with all the fun!


Background to the left– that’s Adam. Kelly is upfront to the right, Jeff is in the back right, and Matt in the middle.

Until next time, happy training!



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