2015 Update! Training, Coaching, and NEW Team

2015 has officially started off with a bang!


Training has been in full force as I work towards competing back in my home state at Ironman TEXAS. Day in and day out my coach is pushing me harder and further than I have ever gone- becoming uncomfortably comfortable has become my new norm. I’m happy with the gains I have made in all three areas- swim, bike, and run- and look forward to even more improvement within the next couple weeks before settling down into “ironman training” mode.


This weekend, I officially get certified as a USAT Level 1 Coach. HUGE ‘thank you’ to Nacogdoches Endurance Training (NET) Head Coach, Becky McMorries for supporting me to go to the clinic in Atlanta, Georgia! Excited to work under NET and help athletes of all walks of life reach their goals and dreams as they cross the finish line! You can visit NET’s website at http://www.nacendurance.com for more information about getting Coached under Becky.


And finally….


I have officially signed my contract to be a part of one of the best sports team this girl could ask for. In 2015 I will be representing the Timex Multisport Team from Team Sports Inc. and I couldn’t be happier. The Timex Multisport Team was started back in 2001 ranging from 50 professional to amateur triathletes ages 25-65+ years old from all over the World. Now, 14 years strong, the Team is full of well-known athletes- Jackie Arendt, Richie Cunningham, Chris Thomas, Matt Russell, Ben Greenfield, Luis Alvarez… and so many more!

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Team Timex in 2015.


Signing my Team Timex contract

Next up for me..

  • USAT Level 1 Coaching Clinic this weekend
  • More swim, bike, and run torture from Coach Nick Brodnicki
  • Timex Multisport Camp in March
  • Finally… Ironman TEXAS


Stay tuned for more updates.. I’ll try not to wait so long like this last time 🙂

Happy Training,



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