Ironman Louisville- Nutrition


Ironman Louisville presents many challenges within itself- but one thing I keep very consistent during an Ironman race no matter what course I’m on, is my nutrition.

I absolutely love and stand by Jesse’s nutrition from The Core Diet– I will describe some things below as to what I do, but the Core Diet will customize to your individual race day needs. Visit his website at I promise you will not regret it! 

4-6 Days from Race Day:

 With the anticipation of the heat index being well above 100 degrees on race day, cutting down the consumption of little to no fat in my diet as well as increasing my sodium (salt) consumption the days before were a priority.

Knowing dehydration and poor nutrition is the key to tackling Ironman Louisville, I focused on consuming ~120 fl oz of water or nuun a day. The closer I came to the race, the more nuun I consumed. The heat was going to be a battle in itself, I didn’t need to have leg cramps to add to that fun factor 🙂

1-2 Days before Race Day:

This is where The Core Diet makes it easy for you.

The nutrition plan outlines exactly what to eat at exactly-ish the right time to eat it. It works great for me! I’m already trying to stay calm and rest as much as possible, so to not have to think about my nutrition 1-2 Days before the race was great!

To summarize these two days, I consumed a BIG lunch and dinner 2 days out and continued my 120fl oz of Ironman Perform or water. One day before I ate like a Queen and had another huge breakfast and gradually started tapering my meals throughout the day. 



Race Morning, 3-4 hours before Go-Time:

4c Unsweetened Applesauce

1scoop of EAS protein powder

1 banana

1 bottle of Perform



1/2 Powerbar (suppose to be more but

that’s all I could consume before IM Louisville)

1 Powergel + water



2 Powerbars- Vanilla Crisp

8 Powergels- Tangerine, Vanilla, Latte

4 Salt Stix

14-15 Bottles of Ironman Perform



4 Powergels- Tangerine, Cafe Latte

2 Salt Stix

2-3cups of IRONMAN Perform at each aid station



2scoops of EAS Recovery Protein + Glutamine

LOTS and lots of water 🙂


Of course, like any race, I had to adapt and wasn’t able to take in the proper amount of nutrition on the run as I was suppose too but outlined above is what kept me alive on Sunday! Hope y’all enjoy the read, message me if you have any questions– race report coming soon!!




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