Spring has Sprung!

It’s snowing one day and 80 degrees the next.. what can I say, there’s not much difference in weather between Texas and Tennessee after all! After a challenging yet failing workout yesterday due to sickness, I was determined to nail today’s track workout!


It’s officially Spring! The tulips have blossomed!

Workout is provided by Endorphin Fitness, you can visit the website here at  http://endorphinfitness.com/


TRACK- 1hr total

Warm Up- Zone 1/2, 10 minutes

Main Set- 1 mile repeats, zone 4 w/ 400m recovery in between.

*Get at least 4-6 sets in- however much you can do within the hour.

Cool Down- Strides


After a great morning on the track, it was time to refuel, play the puppies, and of course nap time!

Annabel scouting out the Cardinals on our deck.. watch out!


Layla, our Golden Retriever, is inside…. in the air conditioning.


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