Attitude is Key! Be an inspiration

A Lesson Well Learned


I wish I could say it but I can’t. Swimming is not my favorite sport as a triathlete. Well I take that back! Swimming is my THIRD favorite, as my sister-in-law and fellow triathlete calls it. It is getting better and better as the years go on and it’s slowly starting to become more enjoyable, but let’s face it- every time I see a swim workout on my schedule, a little part of me dies.


To say the least, I was not too enthused to go to the pool the other day but as always you suck it up and get the workout done. Half way through my set, I look up and see a little girl sitting at the end of the lane.. watching me. I saw her before I started my swim, floaties on both arms and her mom by her side as she was trying to learn how to swim. Frustration and fear all over her face . I wasn’t sure if she was real or my imagination so I practiced my “siting” again. Sure enough, she was still there, watching. As I approached closer to the end of my lane, where she was sitting, I stopped and smiled. She said ‘HI’, I laughed and said ‘HEY’ back and that was it. I flipped turned and on my merry way I went. As I turned back around, I was expecting to see her again but she was gone.


Frequently you hear the quote, “there is always someone watching you” and “attitude is everything.” My momentum, my workout, and my desire all changed in that small 25 yards back to the end of the lane. Sometimes in life I feel like God puts a “reminder” if you will… a reason, a purpose to keep you going and to keep you on track to achieving your dreams, goals, aspirations. I don’t know what that little girl was doing or even thinking as she was watching me but I hope I was a positive influence and an inspiration to her knowing that if she continues to work hard in life, she can swim.. she can succeed.



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