2013- my year in a flash!


I started my winter season off right.. I was Cayman bound. For those of you who do not know where Cayman Islands is, I feel like you need to buy a ticket and go there right NOW! It is an island oasis of everything wonderful and bliss. I was able to spend time with my Dad and get some good Ironman Open Water Swim training in as well! Win-Win!

20140103-093519.jpg  20140103-093535.jpg

My AMAZING friend, co-worker- Betty, let me have her tickets to see Zac Brown Band live at Thompson Bowling Arena. This was me and John’s first concert EVER to see, so you can imagine how much fun we had! We cannot thank Betty enough for giving us those tickets, it’s an experience we never will forget.

20140103-093557.jpg  20140103-093606.jpg

THE event of the season occurred in the month of March- besides my nephew’s 3rd birthday. Brian Freeman,a 3rd year Surgery Resident w/ John, married Katherine Tarwater at one of the most beautiful, classy, and well put together weddings John and I have ever seen! It was an emotional, God-filling service that I know Katherine will look back on for many days to come. Her mom may not have been there physically but she sure was looking down from Heaven watching her sweet Daughter marry the man of her dreams. 🙂


Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s back to Cayman I go! John and I packed our bags and headed back to Grand Cayman for him to get a piece of some peaceful relaxing bliss. We brought along our good friend and fellow Resident Chris Kolze. He was such an uplifting and fun loving guy. We all had a blast from visiting stingray city to eating all-you-can-eat Lobster at Deckers! Pretty impressive how John downed 14 lobsters!

20140103-093630.jpg  20140103-093647.jpg  20140103-093657.jpg  20140103-093711.jpg

In May, John and I had another vacation and we were honored to have the Gallegos family come visit us!! Joe and Alma came all the way from Corpus Christi, TX and drove the entire way to Knoxville, TN just to see us. So awesome! We showed them the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC and ventured down to Atlanta to see the Coca-Cola Factory. As secret gardeners, they also helped John spruce up our backyard by adding many beautiful trees/ plants/ flowers to our home. We love it!

June was the beginning of triathlon season for me, where Betsy, Jonathan, Charles, Andy (even though we didn’t know him at the time), and I all raced in Smoke in the Water Triathlon. It was so much fun competing and racing with Betsy!! She won first Overall Female and I was second. Even though I didn’t win, hands down that was one of my favorite races this season. I had a blast!! This is also the race where the bromance began between Andy and Jonathan.. haha. We were waiting in line for the swim start- I don’t know who was more nervous, Andy or Jonathan, match made in heaven! HA! They’ve trained together ever since.

20140103-093729.jpg  20140103-093756.jpg  20140103-093804.jpg

In dog news- my Nephew got a chocolate pointer named Wilbur! Adorable. John and I also adopted/ rescued a German Shorthair Pointer named Annabel. Her and Layla are still “trying” to get along. ha.


Susanna Marie McMorries was born!! My Brother and Sister-in-Law, Becky, had a little girl who they named after my Mother. She passed away 10 years and 1 day to the date Susanna was born. It was an amazing moment for our family and we’re glad we can continue my Mom’s spirit through her. Becky also delivered Susanna the day after competing in a Sprint triathlon. No excuses people! haha.

                                            20140104-150639.jpg  20140103-093823.jpg  20140103-093836.jpg  20140103-093849.jpg

70.3 Ironman Muncie- I placed 6th in my Age Group and PR’d at 5:16:13. I received a roll down slot to Ironman 70.3 World Championship. I was so unbelievably humbled and honored to get this spot. I’m going to VEGAS baby! My Coach and fellow Rocky Top Multisport Club athletes put on fundraisers in the Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga areas to raise money for me to travel to Vegas and compete! Extremely humbled by their friendship and selfishness to help me get there. Thank you!

  20140103-093916.jpg  20140103-093935.jpg  20140103-093947.jpg  20140103-094000.jpg  20140103-094014.jpg


World Championship 70.3 took place in Las Vegas, NV. John and I have never been there so it was one exciting trip for us small-town folks! From the “cards” you receive on the streets to the frozen metallic painted Asian, I was in awe the moment I stepped out of the Terminal. The athletes at athlete check-in did not fall short of my expectations either. John and I were staring at the massive calves and triceps of pretty much every athlete we saw. You don’t even need an anatomy book for these people! It was awesome- so ripped! The race itself was a huge disappointment for me. You can read my race report for further details but all-in-all it was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot from this race.


John turned 30!! Yes, we all carved pumpkins and that’s his “moose” for his good friend, fellow Resident David and his wife’s future baby boy’s nickname who was on the way. John and David are also each others “work wives” as everyone refers to them as. They pretty much know more about each other than Krichele and I could ever guess. HA. Surgical wives problem number 943.

20140103-094032.jpg  20140103-094041.jpg  20140103-094049.jpg  20140103-094100.jpg  20140103-094120.jpg

John and I went to our first Tennessee game, and it was John’s FIRST SEC game as well!! He was so overwhelmed with the chants, the music, the crowd.. he loved every minute of it! He was also post-call and hadn’t slept.. Dedication! We were able to go with Eric Owings- another Surgical Resident and his girlfriend Candace! Love her!

20140103-095745.jpg  20140103-094140.jpg  20140103-094214.jpg  20140103-094224.jpg  20140103-094257.jpg

IRONMAN Florida! It was Halloween time the days leading prior to the race so here is a picture of my nephew trick-or-treating at the IRONMAN Village booths! First surprise of the day… my training partner, Betsy, surprising me by showing up to support me at IMFL. She was not able to compete due to a stress-fracture that occurred a couple of weeks prior. IMFL was the race of the year for me. All my hard work, long hours paid off. (Can read race report for details). Being able to see family, friends and race with Charles, Kelly, Scott, and Bill Beecher was the best way to end the Triathlon season. I placed 4th in my Age Group and sprained my ankle/ had multi-fractures of my right foot. Worth it!

20140103-094236.jpg  20140103-094332.jpg  20140103-094339.jpg

Offseason began by trying out “Gut-Check” and Hot Yoga with my two favorite training partners- Kelly and Betsy. Completely addicted to both and recommend them to all! I started my blog and even created a TWITTER account (@gallegoselyse)! I was named EAS Fan of the Month!! WHAT WHAT! EAS Brand supplements are a great lean form of protein John and I use daily, try it out man!

John also made the news as UT was involved in a “mock-code”.



-Work Hard and Be Patient. Results take time.

Nothing is more important than Family. Love seeing both our families. Wish we could see them everyday and watch our nephews and niece grow up but we know we’ll be there one day for them!

Friends make all the difference. John and I are so lucky to be surrounded by the best people in world. We love you all!

Without God, nothing is possible. I thank Him every day for blessings He has put on our lives. We’re honored, humbled, and thankful for all we can do and all we will do in the coming days.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you in 2014!!



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