WORKOUT WEDNESDAY.. try out these new S/B/R workouts this week





Below are a couple of High Intensity Interval Workouts that will get your Heart Rate up and burn calories in a quick amount of time.


Swim: 50 x 50’s set

500yd warm up of your choice

Main Set (2500yds):

50x50yds FAST, 15″ rest

300 Paddles

200yds Cool Down

TOTAL: 3,500yds


Bike: 1hr 30min

20min Warm Up

4x (1’right foot/ 1′ left foot)

4x (5′ Big Gear, Strength/ 2′ easy spin)

10x (1′ FAST- 95 to 100rpm/ 1′ recovery)

14min Cool Down


Run: 1hour

10min slow, easy warm up

Main Set:

4x (8min ON/ 2min slow recovery)

*Negative Split each set. So if your first set is at an 8:00min/mi Pace, then the next set try and do 7:50, then the next 7:40, etc…

10min cool down, slowly bring down your pace.

If you have any questions, feel free to post! As always, check with your physician before trying anything new. ENJOY and have a great week!



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