Meet Jared Lawrence, PTI instructor

WEIGHT TRAINING.. Back to the Grind!

Offseason, what’s offseason?! As my Coach kindly gave me four days off to help mend a hurt foot from Ironman Florida, I was quickly thrown back to my “normal” 2-a-day routine with only one thing added… weights! Weight training is something I’m not too familiar with. I know, I know.. you would think with my bulging biceps I would be a weight lifter extraordinaire.. but I’m not. So my good ol’ friend Betsy Johnson invited Kelly Mann and I out for “Gut Check” put on by Performance Training Inc. (PTI). After my first class, I knew I was addicted. PTI is this hidden gem within Knoxville that I believe will help benefit athletes of all ages! Come join us next time and see for yourself, I promise you’ll never walk out regretting you did!

What’s “Gut-Check” you ask? And who/ what is PTI? I talked with Coach Jared Lawrence about his involvement in PTI and how it’s great for Triathletes in all events to get involved.

‘Gut Check’ is just the name of a class that is held every Saturday, typically 9am at RBI. Triathletes and athletes a like can benefit from PTI in many different ways. This type of workout works well for increasing muscular endurance/ strength, improving cardiovascular endurance thus increasing your aerobic oxygenation and VO2 Max, improving body composition and metabolism, and last but not least giving you as an athlete significant caloric expenditure aka burns a lot of calories! Finally to answer your question, who/ what is PTI… well… I think you’ll just have to come join us to find out for yourself… See you Saturday!

Meet Performance Training Inc.  Weight Training Coach, Jared Lawrence:

Jared Lawrence, PTI Instructor

Jared Lawrence, PTI Instructor


Jared graduated with his B.S. degree in Exercise Physiology with a strong emphasis in Athletic Training and Exercise Science from Tennessee Wesleyan College in 2000. While attending college, he was on scholarship for basketball competing with the National Qualifying Team. Jared has been employed by Performance Training, Inc. since August 2002, and is now a personal coach and director in Knoxville, Tn. Jared has had the privilege of training thousands of athletes ranging from the middle and high school ages through the collegiate, professional, and Olympic ranks.


His personal goal is to compete in obstacle racing through one event called Spartan Races and complete their trifecta 3 times. That would be a total of 9 races each race ranging from 3-14 miles and anywhere between 17-40+ obstacles!

Spartan Race


He trains athletes of all sports and levels. He will talk with athletes and figure out where they feel weak within their sport and from their focus on getting them stronger in that area. “Movement specific drills help athletes to be able to compete at a higher level and understand where they may be making mistakes within their sport” Lawrence writes.


Expect a high intensity workout with non stop movement for an hour. Their should be some experience with working out before coming to this class. Form is key within each of the lifts. If there is an injury then their will be something given to replace that exercise. It is a great group that trains together and is very encouraging with each others goals.


Right now the 99 workout or Death Row workout would be my favorite. You start with 4-5 exercises doing 99 reps and work your way down to 11 reps. You can vary up the exercises to make it more or less difficult.





“No Pain, No Gain”

Betsy, Me, and Kelly after PTI training Thanksgiving Day

Betsy, Me, and Kelly after PTI training Thanksgiving Day


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