New swim workout! Check it out-


Post-Christmas Cardio- SWIM

Whew! Who all is still stuffed from yesterday?! I know I am! So for today, we’re upping the cardio and burning some calories! Try out this swim workout my training partner and I did this AM to get our morning started:


Warm Up: (1000 yds)

200yds Freestyle, easy

4×200 ( As 1. Kick 2. 25 Breaststroke/ 25 Freestyle 3. Paddles/ Buoy 4. Swim- easy) on :10 sec Rest

Main Set: (1800 yds)

*all sets done at medium/ fast speed- NOT a Sprint

4×50, w/ :5 rest

3×100, w/ :10 rest

2×150, w/ :10 rest

1×200, w/ :15 rest

2×150, w/ :10 rest

3×100, w/ :10 rest

4×50, w/ :5 rest

Cool Down: (600 yds)

400 with Paddles/ Pull Buoy

200 Swim easy

TOTAL: 3400 yds





Happy Holiday and healthy eating to all!



As many of you are scampering away at getting last-minute stocking stuffers and nailing down the final touches of Grandma’s sweet potato casserole, consider re-vamping and simplifying your Holiday meals this year! It will be easier on you,  your wallet, and your body by making these simple changes-

Appetizer: Salad


Before you hit up those Sausage Balls or Cheese Dips that look so appealing, fill up your plate with some Veggies first! Broccoli, carrots, spinach salad (lay low on fatty dressings and cheese) are great starters and high in fiber to keep you feeling full.

Pictured Above: Vivienne Kate avoids eating her grilled cheese sandwich in light of a hearty portion of steamed broccoli and salad.

Dinner: The Turkey

The TurkeyMake sure you pay special attention to the weight of your turkey and calculate cooking time accordingly. Our Holiday turkey was sprinkled with salt/ pepper/ and a little bit of Tex-Joy Seasoning for that good Ol’ Texas taste we miss so much. That’s it! Quick, easy, simple.


Dinner: Side Dishes


Green beans were cooked and mixed with sautéed onions with garlic, salt/ pepper.

A baked sweet potato was put in the oven, 425 degrees, for 60-70min depending on size of the potato and was served plain. A baked sweet potato is sweet enough, why add more sugar/ butter to it!? You can also puree the sweet potato and  top with cinnamon & nutmeg to give it that special Holiday flare.

Low Sodium McCormick Turkey gravy was made and 1/8c was topped to the shredded turkey for a yummy addition!

Enjoy Yourself this season, don’t stress, and more importantly Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to ALL!!


Easy HEALTHY Dinner- Crockpot Chili!

We love this recipe!! John and I make this at least once a month, especially with the cooler weather settling in.

Skip out on the shredded cheese toppings and Fritos which can add up to 250-300kcal extra to the dish!


To make this a great MEATLESS MONDAY dish, skip the meat and add or double the main ingredients. Black, pinto, and kidney beans are great additions to the Chili- or throw in a can of Hot Rotel Sauce to spice it up a bit.

Crockpot Chili:

2 cans of Pinto Beans

2 cans of Diced Tomatoes

1 onion, diced

1.5-2lbs of low-fat Turkey Meat

2 packets of Chili-O Hot, Spicy Packets

  • Set crockpot on low and cook for 6-8 hours.


I’m an EASbrand Athlete! Read more about my Pre-Post workout regimine

EAS Brand Supplements

post workout refuel

LEAN 15 Vanilla Cream:

  • 15grams Protein to build lean muscle
  • Vitamins C and E for Immune Support
  • 7 B-Vitamins for energy and protein and metabolism
  • Fiber, including prebiotics for digestive health

PRE-WORKOUT: unsweetened Applesauce with 2scoops of EAS          EAS2

Left: 2c Applesauce with 2 scoops of EAS for PRE-workout

Right: 1c of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, 1/2 frozen banana, 1T of peanut butter, & 2 scoops of EAS for POST-workout

Myoplex Original- Chocolate Fudge:

  • 42grams of Protein
  • 1.5g Revigor® HMB®- helps build muscle after your workout
  • 22 vitamins and minerals for daily nutrition
  • Quick & convenient performance nutrition

EAS Myoplex

This is one of my favorites, especially when I’m in a hurry going from one workout to the next!

-keep one in your gym bag for an easy grab-and-go shake-

EAS Fan of the Month- November!


Huge THANKS to EAS for sending me 4 containers of Vanilla Cream  LEAN 15 Protein Powder! Who needs Egg Nog when

you have EAS!


Twitter: @easbrand

WORKOUT WEDNESDAY.. try out these new S/B/R workouts this week





Below are a couple of High Intensity Interval Workouts that will get your Heart Rate up and burn calories in a quick amount of time.


Swim: 50 x 50’s set

500yd warm up of your choice

Main Set (2500yds):

50x50yds FAST, 15″ rest

300 Paddles

200yds Cool Down

TOTAL: 3,500yds


Bike: 1hr 30min

20min Warm Up

4x (1’right foot/ 1′ left foot)

4x (5′ Big Gear, Strength/ 2′ easy spin)

10x (1′ FAST- 95 to 100rpm/ 1′ recovery)

14min Cool Down


Run: 1hour

10min slow, easy warm up

Main Set:

4x (8min ON/ 2min slow recovery)

*Negative Split each set. So if your first set is at an 8:00min/mi Pace, then the next set try and do 7:50, then the next 7:40, etc…

10min cool down, slowly bring down your pace.

If you have any questions, feel free to post! As always, check with your physician before trying anything new. ENJOY and have a great week!


Food, Food, and more Food!

Whew! Do I have some catching up to do-

While you guys are busy re-stuffing your face with 7 day old turkey and sides, the Gallegos household has moved on to better (and healthier) things! Posted are a couple of my favorite, yet very easy, dinners I have been cooking this week! As usual, I will repost into the ‘Everyday Nutrition’ category for you to look back on.

Dinner: Marinated Chicken


Marinated Chicken, pan seared with steamed broccoli, and half an avocado.

Huge thanks to McCormick, Kraft, and off brands of all kinds for making our lives easier! Just pick up your packet flavor of choice and marinate your meat while at work for delicious easy to make chicken!

Dinner: Oregano chicken w/ mushrooms in a garlic white wine reduction sauce

20131205-085946.jpg     20131205-085952.jpg    

Heat 2Tbsp of Olive Oil + 1clove garlic in pan. Sear one side of chicken breast, flip, then add 1c mushrooms/ 1tsp oregano/ salt & pepper. Once chicken is cooked, plate. Add 1/2c White Wine and cook until sauce reduced by half. Pour over chicken. Paired with long grain rice and asparagus.

Dinner: Tofu Pasta… if you Dare!

I have to give all credit to Marni Sumbal, Registered Dietician  and Sports Nutritionist for this one. This is an awesome recipe that hides that “tofu” taste! Between you and me, my Husband STILL doesn’t know my pasta shells were stuff with Tofu… not my fault he thinks its Ricotta cheese 🙂

20131205-090011.jpg    20131205-091817.jpg

1/2 block of Silken Tofu, 1 box of Pasta Shells- cooked, 2% mozzarella cheese, pasta sauce. Cook pasta shells and let cool. Mix together tofu, parsley, salt/pepper, and 1/4c Parmesan or mozzarella cheese. Stuff each shell with a spoon full of mixture and pour 1c sauce over shells. Sprinkle with a dash of cheese. Bake 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Dinner: Spaghetti Squash

If you’re looking to restrict your caloric intake, eating spaghetti squash will help fill up your plate without adding lots of calories. Each cup of the cooked squash contains only 42 calories! To cook, pierce the squash’s skin with a fork and cook it in the microwave for 8 minutes, turning half way through the process. SO easy! Once cooled, cut in half length wise and gut the inside with all the seeds. Let stand. Take a fork and scrape the inside of the squash, it creates it’s own noodle form… hint spaghetti!


Mix leftover sauce- from Tofu Spaghetti- plus browned 99% lean turkey meat. Cooked green beans also paired with spaghetti squash for a nutritious all around filling (and low calorie) meal.

Snack: Homemade Trail Mix

With the Holiday Season in full swing, as well as my Husband studying for his yearly ABSITE exam, snacking is HUGE in our household. I try to leave out easy healthy options for both of us to see in help curb our appetite without rounding out our waistline this Season. Buying a bag of trail mix can not only be high in Sugar but also may have a mixture you may not prefer- why not create your own?!


Unsalted Peanuts, Unsalted Natural Almonds, Salted Sunflower Seeds, Raisins, and 1/2c of marshmallows.

1 serving= 1/4cup


Meet Jared Lawrence, PTI instructor

WEIGHT TRAINING.. Back to the Grind!

Offseason, what’s offseason?! As my Coach kindly gave me four days off to help mend a hurt foot from Ironman Florida, I was quickly thrown back to my “normal” 2-a-day routine with only one thing added… weights! Weight training is something I’m not too familiar with. I know, I know.. you would think with my bulging biceps I would be a weight lifter extraordinaire.. but I’m not. So my good ol’ friend Betsy Johnson invited Kelly Mann and I out for “Gut Check” put on by Performance Training Inc. (PTI). After my first class, I knew I was addicted. PTI is this hidden gem within Knoxville that I believe will help benefit athletes of all ages! Come join us next time and see for yourself, I promise you’ll never walk out regretting you did!

What’s “Gut-Check” you ask? And who/ what is PTI? I talked with Coach Jared Lawrence about his involvement in PTI and how it’s great for Triathletes in all events to get involved.

‘Gut Check’ is just the name of a class that is held every Saturday, typically 9am at RBI. Triathletes and athletes a like can benefit from PTI in many different ways. This type of workout works well for increasing muscular endurance/ strength, improving cardiovascular endurance thus increasing your aerobic oxygenation and VO2 Max, improving body composition and metabolism, and last but not least giving you as an athlete significant caloric expenditure aka burns a lot of calories! Finally to answer your question, who/ what is PTI… well… I think you’ll just have to come join us to find out for yourself… See you Saturday!

Meet Performance Training Inc.  Weight Training Coach, Jared Lawrence:

Jared Lawrence, PTI Instructor

Jared Lawrence, PTI Instructor


Jared graduated with his B.S. degree in Exercise Physiology with a strong emphasis in Athletic Training and Exercise Science from Tennessee Wesleyan College in 2000. While attending college, he was on scholarship for basketball competing with the National Qualifying Team. Jared has been employed by Performance Training, Inc. since August 2002, and is now a personal coach and director in Knoxville, Tn. Jared has had the privilege of training thousands of athletes ranging from the middle and high school ages through the collegiate, professional, and Olympic ranks.


His personal goal is to compete in obstacle racing through one event called Spartan Races and complete their trifecta 3 times. That would be a total of 9 races each race ranging from 3-14 miles and anywhere between 17-40+ obstacles!

Spartan Race


He trains athletes of all sports and levels. He will talk with athletes and figure out where they feel weak within their sport and from their focus on getting them stronger in that area. “Movement specific drills help athletes to be able to compete at a higher level and understand where they may be making mistakes within their sport” Lawrence writes.


Expect a high intensity workout with non stop movement for an hour. Their should be some experience with working out before coming to this class. Form is key within each of the lifts. If there is an injury then their will be something given to replace that exercise. It is a great group that trains together and is very encouraging with each others goals.


Right now the 99 workout or Death Row workout would be my favorite. You start with 4-5 exercises doing 99 reps and work your way down to 11 reps. You can vary up the exercises to make it more or less difficult.





“No Pain, No Gain”

Betsy, Me, and Kelly after PTI training Thanksgiving Day

Betsy, Me, and Kelly after PTI training Thanksgiving Day