Swim, Bike, Eat!

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is finally here and Christmas will be here before you know it! With the Holidays coming ever nearer and triathlon season complete, it’s important for all of us to stand back and assess our exercise/ nutrition regimens. Sorry guys, we’re not training for Ironman anymore, 3000-5000kcal diet is now long gone! It’s back to the grind. This Thanksgiving I want everyone to just enjoy themselves- heck, we all deserve it! It’s just ONE meal, no need to go overboard or anything but go out and enjoy yourself. Work out  hard Thanksgiving morning and then go enjoy time with family and friends! That’s what Thanksgiving is all about. As far as the week leading up to and after thanksgiving.. it’s important to quickly get back to your daily routine. This week, we cut back on our calories in the days prior to our big turkey feast since we both knew we wanted to enjoy ourselves to the fullest!

-These will be uploaded and posted to my Nutrition blog for you to go back and view if needed-

BREAKFAST: Spinach Omelet 20131127-110152.jpg

I paired my 2:1:1 Spinach Omelet with 2 mandarin oranges and 1 piece of Whole Grain toast w/ Sugar Free jam and a bottle of water.


SNACK: Mixed Berries paired w/ Dark Chocolate

20131127-110207.jpg 1/4c of raspberries, 1/4c blueberries, and 1/8c of dark chocolate chips! YUM! Pair with plain or vanilla greek yogurt.


DINNER: Grilled Chicken 20131127-110200.jpg

Baked grilled chicken breast paired with Sweet potato and salad. Not pictured- added half an avocado and half a tomato to salad w/ light balsamic vinaigrette- YUM!


20131127-110212.jpg      20131127-110219.jpg

With the cold weather among us, it’s time to bust out that trainer! Dreading the trainer? Think again! Adding high intensity intervals will help keep your mind focused and give your body just what it needs in off-season- strength and speed! Try a pyramid workout with the first number in the set being hard, the second backing off a bit:


15min warm up, 1min ON/1min OFF, 2min ON/2min OFF, 3min ON/3min OFF, 4min ON/ 4min OFF, 5min ON/ 5min OFF, 5min ON/ 5min OFF, 4min ON/4min OFF, etc… continue the descent. Finish with a 15min cool down.  Time: 1hr 30min 


Be thankful for the Holiday season- the pool lanes are always clear (and clean) during this time of year! In offseason, I like to continue to focus and perfecting my swim technique and building that muscle memory. The majority of my workouts are using paddles- best thing my coach, Robbie Bruce, ever told me about! Doing swim sets to build speed is key.

Warm Up- 500yds -free swim, no paddles

Main Set-

10 x 25 SPRINT w/ :20 rest

20 x 50 moderate w/ paddles on :10 rest

10 x 25 SPRINT w/ :20 rest

Cool Down- 500yds- pull buoy and paddles

Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday!!



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